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Operative Obstetrics, 4E (Series in Maternal-fetal Medicine) 4th Edition

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by Joseph J. Apuzzio (Editor),‎ Anthony M. Vintzileos (Editor),‎ Vincenzo Berghella (Editor),‎ Jesus R. Alvarez-Perez (Editor)


    Operative Obstetrics, 4E (Series in Maternal-fetal Medicine) 4th Edition 
    by Joseph J. Apuzzio (Editor),‎ Anthony M. Vintzileos (Editor),‎ Vincenzo Berghella (Editor),‎ Jesus R. Alvarez-Perez (Editor).
    Content: 1. Anatomy of the anterior abdominal wall, uterus, and pelvic organs / Bernadette M. Cracchiolo and Joseph J. Apuzzio --
    2. Topographic anatomy of the perineum, vulva, vagina, and surrounding structures / Karen Houck --
    3. Clinical pelvimetry / Elaine K. Diegmann and Rhonda Nichols --
    4. First-trimester embryofetoscopy / E. Albert Reece and Anthony M. Vintzileos --
    5. Chorionic villus sampling / Patrice M.L. Trauffer, Neil S. Silverman, and Ronald J. Wapner --
    6. Amniocentesis / Sriram C. Perni, John R. Roost, and Frank A. Chervenak --
    7. Fetal transfusion / Christopher R. Harman --
    8. Fetal reduction and selective termination / Mark I. Evans, Stephanie Andriole, Shara M. Evans, and David W. Britt --
    9. Spontaneous and indicated abortions / Márta Gávai and Zoltán Papp --
    10. Percutaneous intrauterine fetal shunting / Sundeep G. Keswani, R. Douglas Wilson, and Mark P. Johnson --
    11. Cordocentesis / Carl P. Weiner and Gene T. Lee --
    12. Minimally invasive fetal surgery : the Colorado approach / Nicholas Behrendt and Timothy M. Crombleholme --
    13. Fetal surgery : the Texas Children's Fetal Center approach / Alireza A. Shamshirsaz, Michael A. Belfort, and Robert H. Ball --
    14. Cervical insufficiency / Rupsa Boelig and Vincenzo Berghella --
    15. Advanced extrauterine pregnancy / David Kulak, Gerson Weiss, and Sara S. Morelli --
    16. The role of cesarean delivery in the management of fetal malformations / Nadia B. Kunzier, Tracy Adams, Martin R. Chavez, and Anthony M. Vintzileos --
    17. Evaluation and management of stillbirth / Sevan A. Vahanian, Wendy L. Kinzler, and Anthony M. Vintzileos --
    18. Antepartum hemorrhage / Shauna F. Williams --
    19. Intrapartum fetal monitoring / Maria Andrikopoulou, Yinka Oyelese, and Anthony M. Vintzileos --
    20. Normal vaginal delivery / Lisa N. Gittens-Williams --
    21. Shoulder dystocia / John P. Keats --
    22. Postpartum hemorrhage / Haywood L. Brown, James Edwards, and Maria Small --
    23. Forceps delivery / Owen C. Montgomery and Joseph J. Apuzzio --
    24. Vacuum-assisted vaginal delivery / Anna Locatelli and Armando Pintucci --
    25. Fetal malpresentations / Pierre F. Lespinasse --
    26. Delivery of twins and higher-order multiples / Isaac Blickstein --
    27. Maternal birth injuries / Shimon Ginath and Abraham Golan --
    28. Puerperal inversion of the uterus / Johanna Quist-Nelson and Rebecca Jackson --
    29. Wound healing, sutures, knots, needles, drains, and instruments / Robyn T. Bilinski and Jesús R. Alvarez-Perez --
    30. Cesarean delivery / George F. Guirguis and Joseph J. Apuzzio --
    31. Prevention of surgical site infections / Diana El-Neemany and Mark Martens --
    32. Cesarean scar pregnancy / Ana Monteagudo, Joanne Ramos, and Ilan E. Timor-Tritsch --
    33. Anesthetic procedures in obstetrics / Joel Mann Yarmush, Jonathan David Weinberg, and Soheila Jafari --
    34. Cardiac monitoring in pregnancy / Torre L. Halscott and Arthur Jason Vaught --
    35. Trauma in pregnancy / Ravi P. Chokshi, Ruofan Yao, and Lauren A. Plante --
    36. Surgery during pregnancy / George A. Mazpule, Gregory Grimberg, Toghrul Talishinskiy, and Donald A. McCain --
    37. Urologic complications during pregnancy / Charbel Salamon --
    38. Management of malignant and premalignant lesions of the female genital tract during pregnancy / Vance Broach and Mario M. Leitao --
    39. Gestational trophoblastic disease / Babak Litkouhi and Abdulla Al-Khan --
    40. Patient safety / Maria Lyn Quintos-Alagheband and Genevieve B. Sicuranza....
    Product details
    • Print Length : 556 pages
    • Publisher: CRC Press Education / Medical; 4 edition (20 Nov. 2015)
    • Language: English.
      Type : PDF 

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